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Lenses for Shallow Depth of Field

If you have tried to accomplish a shallow depth of field in camera, but are still not successful, you may want to consider buying a new (or used) lens to help you with it. A zoom lens is a great way to get a shallow depth of field. Most zoom lenses will give you a […]

Achieving a Shallow Depth of Field in Camera

Many beginning photographers often struggle with getting a shallow depth of field and their photos. The shallow depth allows the subject to stand out more while the background is blurry. There are a few simple things you can do to ensure you get a shallow depth of field in your photography. Some of the things […]

Simple Ways to Clean Your DSLR Lens

Your DSLR camera lens should be cleaned regularly as part of the cameras maintenance. The you should certainly be very careful during the process, there’s no reason to be scared of cleaning it. When it is dirty is obviously the best time to clean the lens. If you clean it too often, you can do […]