About Flash Me Magazine

Hello. I am Dave Kim, the founder of Flash Me Magazine. I was born and raised near Miami, Florida. I taught myself photography from reading the manual for my camera, books from the library, YouTube, and many websites. I started learning photography when I was 15 and my older sister wanted graduation photos. I took over my mom’s old Canon and started shooting away. Photography quickly became a passion for me.

If you are interested in learning more about photography, you will generally find that locating all the information you need to get started can be difficult. Searching can become frustrating. Knowing how difficult it was for me to find the information to learn in one place, I decided to start this website to make the learning process easier for others choosing to learn more about photography. As I was learning, I realized that there were not many options of high quality websites that included not only information that was easy to understand, but photos that would help me see what I was learning.

My goal is to give you an informative, visually stimulating place to learn the art of photography. If there is anything particular you would like for me to cover in this site, please Contact me. I hope you enjoy!