How to Take Sharp Images – Part 3

Welcome back to the three-part article on taking sharper images. In this final post, we will discuss one of my favorite ways to take sharp images consistently.

5. Use a remote trigger with a tripod: in photography, the three-legged tripod can be your best friend. Of course, most photographers know what a tripod is and how to use it, but many don’t own one or use one. Using a tripod is a simple way to help you get images that look sharp, as long as you use it correctly. Never buy a cheap $50 tripod from a big box store to use with your expenses DSLR camera. If the tripod cannot hold the weight of your camera, then it is no good because it will constantly loosen or slip. If your tripod is flimsy, it could cause your entire set up to crash to the ground. Do your research and invest in a good tripod. Make sure you get one that is made for photos rather than videos, and that it can hold your camera’s weight. The best ones are carbon fiber tripods that are lightweight, but they can be expensive.

A trigger or shutter release is also a great addition to a tripod. You can get a cheap one that attaches directly to the camera, one that is wireless, or even one that you can program to give you timed exposures and brackets for autoexposure. Of course, the more features you want on your trigger release, the more money you’re going to pay. It is great to have one since it allows you to take photos with your camera without even touching it, thus minimizing camera shake and getting sharper photos. You should also turn on the IS/VR on your lands anytime the camera is set up on a tripod. The IS/VR has a small motor located inside the lens that compensates for camera shake by vibrating. When your camera set up on a tripod, you certainly do not want your lens to vibrate, not even a little

If you follow all the tips that have been giving in these last three articles, you are sure to get photos that are sharp. Continue to practice your photography using these tips every chance you get that you can get sharp photos consistently.