Simple Ways to Clean Your DSLR Lens

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Your DSLR camera lens should be cleaned regularly as part of the cameras maintenance. The you should certainly be very careful during the process, there’s no reason to be scared of cleaning it. When it is dirty is obviously the best time to clean the lens. If you clean it too often, you can do more damage than good. When it is time to clean it, there are some simple tips to help:

Cleaning Fluid for Your Lens

you can find alcohol based lens cleaning fluid at most camera stores. This fluid can help you lift smudges like fingerprints without streaking your lens or filter. It only requires a small amount of fluid, typically just a drop or two, then a cleaning tissue to gently wipe the fluid in a circular motion. It is best to apply the liquid to the tissue rather than to the lens. Before you use any kind of cloth or tissue, make certain there is no grit on the cloth or the lens. Otherwise, you could potentially scratch your lens.


most camera stores offer a wide variety of blowers. These can be great for cleaning the body of your camera, including the lens, but great caution should be taken when used on the inside of your camera. If you blow inside the camera, you could potentially blow dust into the inside rather than helping. Before you blow the air on your camera, squeeze the trigger a few times first so that any dust inside the nozzle will be blown out.

Using Brushes

a brush is a great way to get the big stuff off of your camera. The best kind of brush to use is camel hair since it is fine and soft, helping you to avoid scratches on your lens. There are also lens cleaning pins available that have a cleaning pad on one end and a retractable brush on the other.

You will need to try these different ways to figure out which one works best for your camera and your needs. Always work in an area with plenty of light and take your time.