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A Camera That Can Survive In The Wilderness

When you are planning to do shoot outside or wish to take a camera along with you for a trek through a forest, you need a camera that will sustain rough handling without undergoing permanent damage. Rugged cameras are what you need in such a situation. There are cameras that are built in exposure to […]

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Digital Camera

The digital camera has become the mainstay of photography technology since the 21st century has started. It not only saves on film and the cost of developing it, images can be edited, stored and printed or shared with the help of digital camera technology. The process of choosing a digital camera can prove difficult as […]

How to Take Sharp Images – Part 3

Welcome back to the three-part article on taking sharper images. In this final post, we will discuss one of my favorite ways to take sharp images consistently. 5. Use a remote trigger with a tripod: in photography, the three-legged tripod can be your best friend. Of course, most photographers know what a tripod is and […]

How to Take Sharp Images – Part 2

In our latest post about taking sharp images, we discussed manually picking your focus and choosing the right mode to shoot at. In this article, we will continue our discussion on taking sharper images. 3. Use the lowest shutter speed possible: many photographers debate about how slow to set your camera if you’re holding it. […]

How to Take Sharp Images – Part 1

In this three-part series, I will be offering five tips to help you take sharper images. Manually pick your focus: most SLR cameras give you the option to select your focal point. This means when you look through the camera, you will see some flashing dots or squares. Those represent your focus spots or zones. […]